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Most Lucrative Careers with An Associates Degree

Getting a 2-year degree doesn’t mean you’ll be making less money than those with a bachelor’s degree. Often times people with a 2-year degree can earn a lot more then their counterparts with a 4-year degree. Check out some of these great paying careers that require only a 2-year degree.

Registered Nurse: Many states only require you to have an associate degree to become certificated. RN’s can make anywhere from $20-$30 an hour. Many people enter this field by starting as a CNA and transitioning their way to become a RN.

Web Designer: Web designer salaries vary between companies but in general many companies are looking for more experience than education so you could potentially make a ton of money with no degree but you should at least start with a 2-year degree.

Ultrasound Technician: Accoding to, this career is expected to grow up to 10% within the next 5 years. Again many states only require a 2-year degree to get certified. You can expect to make $16-$24 an hour. Visit for more information.

What if you don’t have money to go to college? Easy start applying for scholarships and grants through government organizations. See how here.