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Fastest Growing Careers in Healthcare

As the population and society change, every sector of employment is sure to experience highs and lows. Now that the Baby Boomers are getting older, technology is advancing and patients are becoming more open to different forms of healthcare, is is predicted that 5.7 million jobs will be created by 2020 in the healthcare sector. Because of this new state of play, it is difficult not to find some projected growth or high prospects for any role and there could, therefore, have been an inexhaustible list of professions examined here. Instead, the four jobs below – listed in order of descending projected growth according to – offer a taster of the fastest growing medical careers and the reasons why.

Biomedical Engineer

As was mentioned above, there are some important influences on the future of health care and the fastest growing medical careers and two of them can be used to explain the constant high rankings of biomedical engineers in lists like these. It seems that if you are looking for a career with a long, healthy future, which moves away from standard healthcare provision, becoming a biomedical engineer is ideal. With a predicted growth of 62%, not only would you be called upon more frequently to meet the demands of the growing aged population, these requests can only increase over the years as technological advancements take over.

Dental Hygienist

The projected growth for dental hygienists is much lower than that of a biomedical engineer at 38% but this is still an incredibly encouraging level of growth if you are currently enrolled in a dentistry school and looking for the right career path. This lower figure may be due to a greater range of roles in dentistry or greater uncertainty over the more distant future – these figures for growth account for the years up until 2020 – but what is certain is that the large number of patients that are over sixty are keen to look after their teeth while they still can and pay professionals for the privilege.

Occupational Therapist

Ever so slightly behind the dental hygienist in terms of the fastest growing medical careers is the occupational therapist, with a healthy predicted rise of 33%. The future of this alternative, slightly more specialised form of physical therapist has less to do with protecting the health of the ageing baby boomer and more to do with getting the sick and injured back into the workplace, something that is vital to many individuals in the current economy. As the pressure mounts, patients are more likely to demand physical, developmental and emotional therapy to get them back on track.

Respiratory Therapist

The final profession to be highlighted here is the respiratory therapist, another role that may be overlooked or unknown right now but will experience increased demand thanks to the growing needs and respiratory illnesses of the ageing population. With a projected growth of 28%, this particular job may not seem to have as bright a future as others – especially when compared to the 62% of the biomedical engineers – but it important to remember that this is an average and certain states with an older population or colder climate could have a much higher demand.